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Space Rocket& Original Box

 Motorcycle & Original Box China

Technica 43 EidaiGrip

Horikawa Robot Sample

Space Guard & Original Box

Capsule 7 & Original Box

Earth Satelite & Original Box

Space Explorer Ship & Original Box

Mr.Mercury SOLD OUT

SSS Rocket Battery Operated

Isetta Bandai

Jolly Penguin & Orginal Box

Gear Robot & Original Box

Flying Saucer & Original Box

Pigeon Scooter

Jupiter Robot Box Only

Atom Robot

Conehead SOLD OUT

Blue Sparky Robot Yoshiya

Astro Captain

Pigeon Scooter

Great Mazinger

Horikawa Robot

Horikawa Robot Red eyes & Original Box Rocket Car & Original Box

Hot Road Car & Origianl Box SOLD OUT

Gigantor T28 SOLD OUT

 Chief Robotman Yoshiya

Matt Astronaut Bullmark

Space Giant SOLD OUT

Bargon Marusan Expert Motorcycle & Original Box Spaceman & Original Box Buick Alps & Original Box SOLD OUT Cadillac TN & Original Box SOLD OUT
Mr.Brain by Alps Original        


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